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Preventive Conservation of collections

Preventive conservation of collections is a procedure aimed at preventing or slowing down the degradation of archaeological, cultural, historical and artistic objects by implementing preservation measures and strategies.

This procedure aims to avoid potential damage caused by the environment, mishandling, climatic factors, pests and other internal and external influences, rather than simply reacting to damage that has already occurred.

That's why we carefully document the current condition of objects and artifacts, and provide professional consultations to prevent their future degradation.

  • Collection status report
  • Documentation and research
  • Professional consultation

Our field consultations serve to provide you with specialized advice and recommendations to prevent deterioration and degradation of cultural and archaeological objects. This approach involves assessing potential risks and proposing tailored strategies to protect these valuable objects in the long term.

  • Conservation status assessment
  • Risk analysis
  • Development of Strategies respecting Conservation Standards
  • Personalized Advice
  • Reports and Recommendations
  • Follow up


Restoration of archaeological and cultural collections is the process by which objects, works of art and other elements of cultural heritage are treated and repaired with the aim of conserving them, restoring them to their original state as much as possible and to preserve their historical, aesthetic and cultural value. Restoration may be necessary when these objects have suffered damage, natural degradation or alterations over time.

Respecting the main stages and aspects of the restoration of archaeological and cultural collections. Based primarily on restoration standards and the code of ethics of Canadian heritage restorers.

Emergency Services

The CCP (Conservation and Preservation of Heritage) emergency service offers a rapid and specialized response to crisis situations threatening cultural and archaeological heritage. Equipped with a team of emergency conservation experts, CCP responds to protect and safeguard precious objects in the event of incidents such as floods, fires and other emergencies. Emergency services include preliminary assessment, immediate response, rescue of endangered objects, stabilization, as well as careful documentation of actions taken. Through careful planning and specialist expertise, CCP is committed to minimizing potential losses and preserving the integrity of cultural heritage for future generations.