About us


To be the recognized leader in the preservation and conservation of cultural and archaeological heritage, contributing to the preservation of history and memory for current and future generations.


At CCP, our mission is to protect, conserve, enhance and restore collections, collaborating with institutions, museums and cultural heritage enthusiasts. We are committed to preserving the integrity of historic and artistic objects, while sharing our expertise through professional training and consultation.


  • Integrity : We preserve the authenticity of the heritage we protect, honoring uncompromising ethical practices.
  • Excellence : Our relentless pursuit of excellence guides every step of our work, ensuring exceptional quality results.
  • Collaboration : By joining forces with our partners and customers, we create sustainable solutions for heritage preservation.
  • Passion : Our passion for history and culture fuels our commitment to protecting our collective heritage.
  • Education : We pass on our knowledge to the next generation, guaranteeing the continuity of heritage preservation.
  • Innovation : We embrace innovation to solve preservation challenges, using the latest technological and methodological advances.
  • Social Responsibility : we assume responsibility for preserving heritage for future generations.

These values embody the identity and mission of CCP in the preservation of the cultural and archaeological heritage of Quebec and Canada.